Story Sessions

A truly unique offering that will be held on to for generations to come - Story Sessions include a small set of fine art portraits that have been curated and paired with quotes from your own personalized interview, bundled inside a handmade leather portfolio. 
These sessions are a way to honor your stories - the twists and turns, seasons of celebration, change, challenge and beauty along your journey that are making your own life's history. Whether shared with a loved one, or embraced all on your own, this session is for you.
My hope is that these portraits help to create a personal narrative that helps you find empowering validation and reminds you of your inherent worth and value.
You are on an amazing journey, and it is worth remembering.

The heart behind

Story Sessions... about exploring and honoring who we are as unique, individual people. It's about both the stories that brought us to where we are now and the stories we want to tell about ourselves.
These sessions are an opportunity for you to tell your own story, in your own words, with honest portraiture that is a true reflection of you.
Photographs have the unique ability to help define us. They give us another means of expressing thoughts and feelings that words alone cannot fully convey. They help us remember incredibly specific feelings and emotions – how we remember ourselves or what life was like at any given point in time.
Every Story Session comes with 6-8 photos printed on luxuriously thick fine art paper with hand-torn deckled edges, bundled inside a beautiful handmade leather portfolio created by Weather & Story. These gorgeous folios are created exclusively for Story Sessions and are a great place to store your prints and treat them as a true keepsake.

If this speaks to

your heart...

I'd love to send you an email with more info on the process for creating a Story Session and begin a conversation about what you'd like to document from this season in your life.