Creek Bend House Tour

We have officially been moved into our new little house for a month and a half, and Taylor and I are still walking around telling each other at random times, "I love our house!" While we're just renting right now, we wanted to get to work getting things changed around and setup so that we could enjoy them as much as possible before our lease is up, and even though we are just renting, I can already tell this little house is going to have a special place in our hearts forever because it was our first house. So much about it represents a new season of life we've just entered - getting plugged into an amazing new church family who we love, and really watching our creative businesses grow in our not-so-new-anymore city of Austin. This is really just a 2 room tour of the main living areas of the home and we're slowing down a bit on putting together the bedrooms/offices, but we've already been able to welcome so many friends & artists into our home which brings me an unreal amount of joy. The best part of having this house is getting to share it with others - so now I'll stop explaining and start sharing it with you.... in photos! :)

Shoutout to my amazing friend Tiffany who built this table for me! I found this scrap stump of wood a while ago, and she took it home, worked her magic on it, and returned it to me as a piece of furniture that is now one of my favorite pieces in our home!

These side shelving units happened by accident as they were sitting in our living room and I wanted to free up some walking space as we had loads of boxes still to unpack, so I stuck them on either side of the t.v., and we haven't moved them since!

Even though our kitchen is pretty small, the white cabinets and countertops help it to feel bright and open. When I first saw the "window" in the kitchen I didn't think I would like it, but now I love being able to see into the living room when we have guests over, plus it's the perfect little perch for my crazy growing succulents.

I know not everything is "perfect" but we sure do love our new house and all of the fun things we've been able to collect over the years and put together in an inviting way for friends and family. Thanks for stopping by!

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