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After sharing the idea for what would become Story Portrait Sessions with my sweet friend Sarah, we started dreaming up doing a Story Session with her little Emerald. Just before her 3rd birthday, Emerald, Sarah, and I took an afternoon and sat at one of their favorite coffee shops where they like to spend mommy-daughter time together and we asked Emerald a handful of questions... (some of which she was happy to answer, and some of which we breezed on by). I'm not a mother myself, but from what I've learned, I think every mom just wants to remember exactly what their littles are like at these young ages - all of their sweetness, all of their curiosity, and all of the funny things they say. I am by no means an expert at drawing these things out of a child, but I do feel honored to be given the opportunity to try and preserve little pieces of this sweet soul for Wes & Sarah.

Who is your favorite princess?

- "Emerald is my favorite princess."

What does she like?

- "uh, hashbrowns."

What’s your favorite story that we read?

- "The girl with a princess dress on."

- "Mom, is that a birdie?"

- "Mom, is this my flower?"

- "Mom, are we going to the park?"

- "Mom, can you put this dress on me?"

- "Mom, what are we doing now?"

- "Mom, we’re going for a walk."

- "That dress is too fancy. It’s fancy. It’s fancy and dressy."

Do you love anybody?

- "Yeah."

Who do you love?

- "I love you."

Who else do you love?

- "I love mommy."

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