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This story portrait session was quite different than the others I've done before, if not only for the fact that it included two people rather than just one, but also because those two people were identical twin sisters. Something I learned very quickly during their interview was a thing they describe as "twin talk".... they basically finished each other's sentences, and before one would finish for the other, they would switch again..... and again, until they had pieced together sentences going back and forth 4 or 5 times. Either that or they would just talk at the same time. This interview was hilarious and really sweet, but the transcribing process was, well, interesting. :) Nicole and Grace have infectious laughs, big hearts, and a fierce love for one another. A sibling relationship is one of life's best, and it was clear that their twinship is such a gift and a massive, invaluable part of their lives. It was so special to witness, and I'm truly so grateful that they would let me glimpse into their relationship and document just a small part of it for them.

In every photo, Nicole is on the left, and Grace the right, so I've laid out their words in the same manner.

"Our mannerisms are the exact same. The exact same.

And I don’t have to talk, I can just make eyes with her and she knows what I’m thinking."

"We’ll laugh and then think of something else at the same time

and then laugh more, you know what I mean?"

"We don’t have to talk about it."

"We feed off each other."

"Because we’re twins we have a really hard time finding friends that…"

"We’re so used to being…"

"We don’t have to try with each other."

"So we really appreciate friendships where, not like we feel like sisters, but they’re easy."


"Easy. Where you can sit in silence and it be okay."

"I like the way God made both of us, and I think it’s okay, you know… it’s good to be

different in some ways because you need to be able to separate yourselves as

independent people and different identities, and that was a process too."

"I’m the one who’s always gotten dumped, and she’s always been the dumper, but…. they never get over her."

"I knew what she was trying to express without even having to say anything else. [My husband] has said, whenever he’s around us, it’s like “twin talk”. We don’t even have to fully finish each other’s sentences. Growing up my mom called it gibberish…. twin gibberish."

"Well, because we’ll laugh and it won’t make sense but we’ll understand."

"I think having a person that gets you…"

"Always having a friend."


"No matter what grade we were in, we would know somebody else in our grade."

"It’s not even that, even when we weren’t getting along it’s like… protectiveness of each other.

Even if we’re not getting along, it’s still like, ‘she’s mine, and I’m going to be there no matter what’ kind of thing."

"…We’re both trying to figure out what we want to do and even though we are so close, there are still parts of her that I don’t know. Which is weird."

"We’re so protective of each other. I kind of mothered her when we were younger…"

"When we were getting dropped off for preschool, we got out of the car and my mom said,

'I need to walk you guys in', because the door was right there, and she grabbed my hand and said,

'No that’s okay, I’ll take care of Nicole.' She grabbed my hand and just walked me in."

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