Garden Grove Austin | Editorial Portrait Photography | Fine Art Film Photographer

Earlier this year I read a book that talked about how photography is a two-way transaction. Much in the same way a gun shoots a bullet foreword but kicks back at the person pulling the trigger, taking a photograph is not only capturing what's in front of the camera but also a small piece of what's behind. There is always some intangible part of the photographer inparted into a photograph he or she takes - desires, ideas, creativity, fears, perspectives, etc.

When I look at my own work, I can feel all of those parts of me that went into making those photographs. I wanted to create a shoot that could capitalize on this idea... I wanted to create something that felt entirely my own, that I could feel and sense all of my own desires while making photos that I really loved.

My kind friend Taylor was up for the task, and the beautiful owners of Garden Grove in Austin graciously hosted my artistic endeavor! I hope others enjoy these photos as much as I do, and maybe even feel inspired to follow their own inner creative nudging to create something as well!