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When I read Lydia's entry in my Story Session giveaway on Instagram earlier this year, I was immediately intrigued and excited at the opportunity to have a conversation about food, body image and self-worth.

I know that Story Sessions can be very intimate and personal for people, which is part of why I love them so much, but I also know they can be intimidating to share, especially publicly. I'm so grateful to Lydia & Brady for letting me glimpse into a window of their lives and document a little piece of it for them, and also for allowing me to share these here.

Photos and words, paired carefully and artfully together, can be so powerful, so beautiful, and even life-changing. I truly believe these sessions have a special ability to help people love themselves more, feel empowered and worthy - and that is the greatest keepsake of all.

You’re very good at sticking with things that you’re passionate about and you’re very loyal to your job, and you’re very loyal to me, and you’re very loyal to your family. Even if those things are hard, if you care about them enough you’re going to stick with it.

I think that marriage is a good place to always feel valued. No matter what, if you do things wrong or right, it doesn’t matter. There’s always that sense that this person values me, at any moment. This is a place that I can be 100% myself and still feel like this person likes me.

It helps us to understand each other better, whenever we do have conflict… because we’re different people with different perspectives on things.

I think that vulnerability has a place, for one, for us to connect, but also as a person you have to be vulnerable to grow out of some things. Personally, it’s allowed me to grow a lot. And I’ve been asking a lot of questions about what do I believe in my life and how do I want to live my life and what choices I want to make.

We’ve been more proactive in our marriage at trying to ask questions and we’ve started doing Saturday morning coffee where we sit and ask how we thought our week went as a couple.

I know that the words you speak have a lot of power over how you behave and how you view things. For me, [healthy self awareness] is having more patience with myself and trying to think more positively and speak more positively.

I’ve been exploring more cooking, and I’ve always enjoyed cooking. I’m definitely off and on with this but something I’m working towards is enjoying the process of making the food, not just the eating food.

I’ve developed a lot of patience with both eating food and trying to be in a healthy place physically, and both of those things have taught me a lot about patience and that things do take time. I love instant gratification but that just not how life is.

It’s a big thing for women to talk about their weight or put down their bodies, and that’s something I really am conscious of trying not to do…. Trying to not let myself focus on a number or a specific body type that just isn’t realistic has been good. And trying to avoid using negative language about my body, which I don’t always do well. Nobody does. Whenever I’m 50 I don’t want to be talking about myself that way; I want to have freedom and not feel like I’m taking up too much space in the world or like I need to adjust how I look to feel okay about myself.

If you think you might be interested in doing a Story Session someday, let me encourage you to go for it. You have so much value in your life and journey, at THIS point, and it's worth experiencing through imagery.

Send me a message to chat about what your session could look like or even to tell me what it is that's holding you back.

You are worth documenting.

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